'Lightyear' director Angus MacLane discusses love for the character

Lightyear director Angus MacLane has revealed he was somewhat surprised by the "emotional component" of audience affection for the character of Buzz Lightyear.

The filmmaker told Yahoo that it 'wasn't daunting' for him to take on the Toy Story universe in a big screen movie, having previously helmed short films including Small Fry and Toy Story of Terror.

He added: "I felt like I understood the parameters of the character a lot so it allowed the freedom to expand it in new and interesting ways."

Lightyear is released in UK cinemas from 17 June.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: You've made "Toy Story" stuff before. How, I guess, daunting was it to be making a "Toy Story" adjacent product for the big screen?

ANGUS MACLANE: It wasn't daunting in the sense that I felt like I understood the parameters of the character a lot. So a lot of the freedom to try and expand it in new and interesting ways. The pressure was mostly on trying to make the coolest movie I could as like an-- as an air quotes, "artist". I wanted it to be awesome.

And so all the pressure was more about the product itself rather than the reverence for the source material, because as we've discovered in promoting this film, our opinion about buzz is really based on us working on the films. And it is incredible to understand the impact that this character has. And I felt like I understood it. But I really did not because it has an emotional component and a reverence to this character that I'm glad I didn't fully understand when we were making the movie.

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