'Lightyear': Keke Palmer praises the representation in the new Pixar film

Keke Palmer said it was important for new Pixar animation Lightyear to put forward the message that people of colour and the LGBT+ community have "always been a part of the story".

In the new space swashbuckler framed as being Andy from Toy Story's favourite movie, the star plays Izzy Hawthorne — a close ally of Chris Evans's take on Buzz.

Lightyear comes to IMAX and UK cinemas on 17 June.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: You're of a similar age to me. And so we're very much the generation that grew up with "Toy Story." And with that in mind, I guess, were you worried about, like, stepping into that world with a film like this?

KEKE PALMER: Yes, I definitely was because when you have a nostalgic and just near and dear character like Buzz, you want to make sure that if you're going to reinvent the [? IP, ?] you want to be a part of it the right way. But obviously, with Disney and Pixar, I think they always get it right. And there is still an element, while maintaining that nostalgia, something new and something fresh, especially with me getting to play a completely new character like Izzy and this being the movie that Andy watched, that made him love the Buzz Lightyear character. So, you know, it's almost like we get to kind of go back in time.

TOM BEASLEY: Yeah. I think the really nice thing about it, in a lot of ways, is it's supposed to be this, like, you know, film that Andy watched as a kid. And it's so nice that the films that Andy was watching as a kid had Black characters in and had LGBTQ characters in. [LAUGHS]

KEKE PALMER: Exactly. I love that because it also pushes towards the reality that these kind of people, these kind of-- what should I say? These kinds of people who have always been a part of the storyline. You know what I mean?

1 think, a lot of times, it has not been showcased on film, and television, and things like that. But the fact that this is the movie that Andy watched, it just shows that these were people that are always a part of the story. And so let's make sure that we showcase that and that it's effortless. You know what I mean? That it just is and not something that you have to explain.

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