Lilibet has now *officially* been recognised as eighth in line to the throne

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News just in! Two months after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their daughter, Lilibet 'Lili' Diana Mountbatten-Windsor into the world, she has officially been added to the line of succession page as shown on the official Royal Family's website. Little Lilibet is now certified as being eighth in line, and is sandwiched between her brother Archie (who is number seven) and the Duke of York (Prince Andrew, who is number nine). 

Many had begun to comment on whether or not Lilibet would be officially recognised at all, given that her parents - The Duke and Duchess of Sussex - made the bold decision to step down from their senior working positions in order to pursue a more 'normal' life. 

The delay has been discussed by royal commentators, such as ITV's Royal Editor Chris Ship, who said on the Royal Rota podcast that Buckingham Palace could be "making a point" by taking their time adding Lilibet's name. 

"You have got to ask what has taken them so long," Ship said. "All they have got to do is hit the paragraph button and put in a different number. They must have done it before. They did it for Archie. Clearly they did it for Louis when he was born. And they have done it for some of the other children like August that have been born as well."

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Photo credit: Royal family website
Photo credit: Royal family website

"So where's Lilibet? I can forgive them a week or two but a month?"

Ship also questioned whether this is a case of the royals being "petulant" and added: "It does, to me, feel like they're making a point."

Following previous royal births, the website was updated far quicker – it's been said that it took around two weeks for Prince Louis and Archie's names to be added to the list, but it's currently unclear why Lili's addition took close to two months. 

Whilst we'll probably never know for sure, a spokesman for Buckingham Palace did say when asked that the royal family website is "updated periodically".

We're sure Meghan and Harry haven't been losing any sleep over it though – it's been a very busy time for the family of four. Not only has The Duchess revealed she's bringing out a kid's TV show, but Harry has announced he's publishing a memoir (about his life not only as a Royal, but the 'man he has become' today), and we've learned that Archie is totally loving being a big brother.

Glad to see the Royal Family website is now all up to date!

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