Lily Allen posts fake video of her crying over Labour manifesto: 'It's the best I've ever seen'

Amy West
Lily Allen was 'reduced to tears' by the Labour Party's manifesto on Thursday 21 November (Instagram)

Lily Allen was ‘reduced to tears’ as Jeremy Corbyn launched Labour’s manifesto earlier today.

The British pop singer - who has been very open about her political leanings in recent months - took to her Instagram story on Thursday 21 November to share a video of herself ‘tearing up’ at the party’s proposed government policies.

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In an exaggerated whimper, she gushed: “Guys I've just watched the Labour manifesto.” Dabbing her eyes, she added, “I think it's the best manifesto I've ever seen.”

Some were confused by the 34-year-old’s declaration, however, claiming that was making light of a serious subject like the upcoming election by using a filter and filming the video on editing platform TikTok.

Some were confused why Allen chose to use a 'crying face' filter (Instagram)

On Twitter, one particularly baffled follower asked: “Why the crying filter? And I mean, it has to be a filter because it’s constantly identical and the tears disappear. It makes your very very important point seem like you’re taking the p***, which you clearly aren’t!”

Some agreed with her, replying: “I’m crying too. This manifesto will change millions, if not billions of, lives.”

On the other hand, some weren’t sure what she was even truly crying about. “This is very confusing to watch on mute,” a fan tweeted. “Are you emotional about politics or overwhelmed by them nails?”

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn during the launch of his party's manifesto in Birmingham. (Photo by Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty Images)

Back in 2016, Allen came out in support of Corbyn after he was criticised by other MPs who were reportedly unsatisfied with his leadership skills.

“All you Blairite Labour careerist b******* leave Jeremy Corbyn alone. If anyone can lead our country out of this darkness, it's him not you,” she wrote.  

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Her cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know was used as a backing track for a Labour campaign video the following year.

Just yesterday, she shared a photograph of her poll card on her Instagram story with the words, ‘Tories OUT’ across the image and The Specials’ Vote For Me playing in the background.