Lily Allen reveals how she got 'petty revenge' on a showbiz rival

Lily Allen has revealed how she once got "petty revenge" on a showbiz rival.

The Smile singer didn't reveal the name of the celebrity she was feuding with, but did say she was "a lot older" and "more successful."

Telling the story on her Miss Me? podcast, Lily, 39, told how the argument broke out when she was 24 and staying at Elton John's house, after the other woman didn't want Lily spending any one-on-one time with her boyfriend.

"While I was there, I got a phone call from somebody very famous at the time asking me if I could perform at a charity event that they were involved in. She was asking me to sing a song with her boyfriend, who was a musician. I said, 'I'd love to but it's next week and I haven't got any time to rehearse because I'm in the South of France.' She was like, 'Don't worry, we'll come out there and we'll rehearse with you.' They come to the South of France, they arrive, and it's like late afternoon and she's like, 'I think you guys should sing The Sound of Silence."

When Lily said the song was "out of her comfort zone," the other lady "got the hump."

She recalled, "I said, 'Look, I'll go downstairs with your boyfriend and we'll practise the song and then we'll come up and then we'll sing it for you and see how you feel about it.' She grabbed my arm and she said, "If you think I'm leaving you alone with my f**king boyfriend you've got another think coming.'"

Lily said, "I was on my own in this house and it was the two of them and just me, and she was quite a lot older than me, and a lot more famous and more successful, and I just thought, 'I'm stranded and you've got me snookered.' And I was like, "I'm banking this feeling and I will remember it, and I will get you back one day."

Sure enough, that day came a few weeks later.

"I got asked by an awards ceremony if I would be the recipient of a very prestigious award," said Lily. "I said, 'Yes, thank you so much, that's very nice.' And then they said, 'Is there anybody that you would like to present you with the said award?'"

Lily knew her award would be the penultimate presentation of the evening.

"I was like, 'There is no way this person will be able to hold themselves together for that long and if I can stay sober then she'll have to present me with the award when I'm looking pristine and brilliant and she looks completely f**ked," she said. "And it f**king worked. Front cover of the papers the next day were like, 'So-and-so was a complete mess,' and then pictures of me with my award."

The pair have since made up. "That person, I actually really like them now. It was just a particularly bad phase that both of us were going through at the time," Lily said. "So if you are listening and you recognise yourself in this story, I'm sorry. It was particularly petty."