Lincoln to be sent to US schools

DVDs will be distributed as part of a scheme to encourage school children to follow his examples

Steven Spielberg's biopic of Abraham Lincoln is to be sent to schools across the US to be used as a teaching aid.

DVD copies of 'Lincoln', starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the American president, will be sent to high and middle schools as part of a campaign called 'Stand Tall: Live Like Lincoln'.

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Lincoln... Daniel Day-Lewis in his Oscar-nominated role (Copyright: Fox)

The scheme is urging children to follow the examples set by the 16th president, who abolished slavery in the US.

“As more and more people began to see the film, we received letters from teachers asking if it could be available in their classrooms,” read a statement from Spielberg.

“We realized that the educational value that 'Lincoln' could have was not only for the adult audiences - who have studied his life in history books - but for the young students in the classroom as well.”

And in a stroke of luck for some, schools named in Lincoln's honour will be gifted a raft of equipment including widescreen TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, projectors and speakers by the film's producers Participant Media.