Line Of Duty Series 5 Episode 2: The 10 Burning Questions We Now Have

With a new case in full swing, AC-12 continued their investigation into suspected corrupt undercover officer John Corbett as Line Of Duty continued on Sunday night. 

After Maneet’s fate was confirmed (sob), there were then plenty of unexpected turns, as revelations about Corbett’s own investigation into the corrupt officers at the top of the organised crime group and PC Cafferty’s involvement in the convoy ambush came to light. 

Here’s the questions we’ve been left asking this week...

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Did ACC Hilton actually kill himself?

Until now, it was believed the corrupt ACC Hilton took his own life at the end of series four, after his links to the organised crime group were uncovered. But now, it is looking more likely that they killed him, after they used the same spot where his body was found to murder Maneet. Will this detail prove to be relevant somehow?

Why didn’t the organised crime group (OCG) get rid of Maneet’s body?

It was McQueen’s first question after finding out she’d been killed, and Corbett gave her no answer. 

What is the Kettle Bell complex all about?

We finally discovered how Hastings lost all his money, when former DCI Mark Moffatt paid him a visit to his hotel to say that the original investors of the Kettle Bell complex were being compensated. But is there more to this dodgy property development that Hastings invested in, and was it all above board?

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Will Arnott get back with DS Railston?

Their romance came to an abrupt end in series three when Lindsay Denton alleged to have slept with Arnott when he was undercover. But it looks like there is hope for the former couple after they shared a kiss - and we must admit, we’d love to see them reunited.

Is Powell corrupt too?

After Corbett ambushed Arnott and claimed he was not a corrupt officer, but had simply gone rogue to help expose ‘H’ and their associates, he also claimed Superintendent Powell had been trying to distract him from doing so, pushing him in the direction of low-level targets. Is Powell really covering for the OCG bosses?

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Is Corbett to be trusted?

The undercover cop seemed to convince Arnott that Hastings, Powell and many other high-ranking officers were bent and all in it together, but should Arnott have trusted his version of the truth, and could this potential mistake prove deadly? Let’s not forget, he did still order Maneet’s death.

Does Arnott suspect Flemming of being in on it too?

After his meeting with Corbett, Arnott failed to tell Flemming about it and the new information he had been told, despite having the opportunity to. With Flemming having been promoted over Arnott in the time in between this series and the last, does he suspect she could be involved with the OCG too, or does he just want to pursue his own line of enquiry to gain some glory of his own?

Was Hastings’ laptop a red herring?

Earlier in the episode, it was revealed the OCG were using a chat software on a laptop to communicate directly with ‘H’. When we later saw Hastings alone in his hotel room, we saw an open laptop on his desk.

With us being pushed to consider the possibility he could be ‘H’, was this one massive clue, or just a red herring to distract us from looking at who the real ‘H’ could be?

We should also note the fact ‘H’ is still able to communicate, meaning we can officially rule out the deceased ACC Hilton as a suspect.

Was Lee Banks on to Corbett?

Before his arrest at PC Cafferty’s house, Lee was looking terribly suspicious about Corbett and his intentions in the OCG - was he on to the fact Corbett isn’t who he was making out to be? And could he still pass that information on to the other OCG members that could blow Corbett’s cover?

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Which photo did Cafferty identify?

After it was revealed Cafferty and her team were complicit in the ambush of the convoy, she confessed to AC-12 she was recruited by a police officer who had bribed her into working for the OCG with proof she was having an extramarital affair.

When Flemming rushed to gather pictures of all the known corrupt officers - also taking with her one extra picture that wasn’t on the suspect wall - she identified the person who had recruited her, leaving Flemming and Arnott stunned. Did she point at a picture of Hastings? After all, he was looking very shifty and uncomfortable when he noticed Cafferty had been brought in for questioning…

Line Of Duty continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.


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