'The Lion King' to introduce a brand new character voiced by a 'Bojack Horseman' star

Hanna Flint
The Lion King will feature a Bojack Horseman voice artist

The Lion King remake will welcome a new character to Pride Rock.

Amy Sedaris will voice an elephant shrew – a tiny mammal with a long nose native to Africa and known for being speedy – in the new movie from Disney and directed by The Jungle Book’s Jon Favreau.

Sedaris is well known for voicing the role of Princess Carolyn in the Netflix animated series Bojack Horseman so is no stranger to the task but she will be joining a host of famous names for the new movie.

Donald Glover and Beyonce lend their voices to the roles of Simba and Naala while Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen will voice Timon and Pumbaa.

James Earl Jones returns to the role of Mufasa while Chiwetel Ejiofor replaces Jeremy Irons as Scar and John Oliver takes over Zazu from Rowan Atkinson.

The first teaser trailer for the film – which is a shot-for-shot remake of the 1994 2D animation – became the second most viewed video in history, in a 24 hour period earning 224.6 million global views.

That figure is second to Avengers: Infinity War trailer,  which is another Disney title.

The Lion King is in cinemas on July 2019

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