‘Little Big Shots: Forever Young‘ Sneak Peek: Steve Harvey Becomes the Inflatable Man

Steve Harvey’s full of air — literally!

The host of Little Big Shots: Forever Young gets bouncy this week thanks to 62-year-old Fred Garbo of Norway, Maine. Garbo worked on Sesame Street for eight years playing Barkley the Dog. Now, he’s an “inflatable theater performer” who tours the world doing spins, cartwheels, and bounce moves in his air-filled costume.

In this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s season finale, Garbo gives Harvey an extra Inflatable Man outfit. Harvey wears a faux-dubious expression on his face — but you can tell he’s totally having a blast — as he waves, bounces, and does a belly bump with Garbo.

But when the two men do a butt bump, something goes wrong — and things get a little air-y for the host.

Also appearing on the season finale are an amazing contortionist, a 72-year-old pole dancer from China, a world champion trick roper, and an 81-year-old dance machine. Funny magician Chipps Cooney also returns.

Little Big Shots: Forever Young airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.