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Little girl is horrified classmates don’t know who Napoleon is

An adorable little girl is winning hearts on TikTok after making a very disturbing discovery at school: Her classmates are severely deficient in 19th-century European history.

In the clip, which was shared by @bmmck1, the unnamed girl appears to have just been picked up from school by her mom, who presumably asked how her day was. But at some point during her spiel, her mother whipped out her phone and pressed record, not wanting to miss one bit of the drama.

“So I was talking to people, and I said, ‘I bet Napoleon would be a Slytherin in Hogwarts because he has lots of ambition,” she explained.

But while she might have expected to get a few knowing nods from her friends, she instead got blank stares.

“The kids look at me and say, ‘We don’t know who Napoleon is,'” she told her mom.

“Napoleon” refers to Napoleon Bonaparte (or Napoleon I), the French military leader and emperor who conquered most of Europe during the early 19th century. According to, he was known to be a “shrewd, ambitious and skilled military strategist” who wasn’t afraid to wage war in order to expand his empires.

That said, while most adults likely know (or should know) who the French figure was, the likelihood of an elementary schooler knowing is pretty rare and even kind of hilarious.

So far, the video has received 2.4 million views and thousands of comments.

Most were super impressed with the little girl’s intellect, as well as her knowledge of Harry Potter.

“She’s right though,” wrote one person. “Napoleon Bonaparte is def a Slytherin.”

“The Ravenclaw is strong in that one,” another TikToker declared.

“I. LOVE. HER,” one person wrote. “I’ll talk Napoleon and HP with her any day. Keep that light shining little one!”

A lot of people couldn’t get over just how funny (and mature) the little girl sounded, even though her age is never shared in the post.

“Bright future there,” wrote one person.

“The way she is SO concerned!” someone else wrote with a laugh.

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