Little girl makes a run for it after being told to clean her room

Viewers are in stitches over this relatable TikTok video of a young girl running away from home with her rolling suitcase after refusing to clean her room.

TikToker Jonathan Williams (@615tiktokdada2) is a parent and content creator who posts funny clips featuring various TikTok challenges and viral videos in addition to everyday moments with his family. Recently, Williams shared a video of his young daughter leaving home with a suitcase in defiance over being told to clean her room, and viewers are in hysterics over the clip’s relatability.

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“Toodeloo,” Williams says to his daughter at the beginning of the video as she makes her way down the driveway dragging her wheelie suitcase. Williams explains in the on-screen text that his daughter decided to run away from home after he asked her to clean her room.

“When you get hot, don’t come back,” Williams jokes while his daughter gives him the silent treatment and stubbornly walks away from the house with her suitcase trailing behind her.

Audio of Pharrell Williams’ “Just a Cloud Away” playing over the footage hysterically juxtaposes the little girl’s dramatic departure.

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Just when it seems the little girl has officially decided to skip town, halfway down the road, she stops. “What’s wrong, you hot already?” Williams calls out to his daughter, who’s still ignoring him.

“You packed the bags, so get on somewhere,” Williams teases his daughter, who remains standing with her suitcase in the middle of the street before the video ends.

Viewers were in hysterics over the clip’s resonance.

“I did this, moved into my neighbor’s playhouse. I brought a picture of my family to remember them by,” mentioned one user.

“The nostalgia of the suitcase wheels on the pavement after you ran away,” one TikToker noted.

“My son packed his Batman mask, Hulk fist, a pair of flip flops, and a packet of [chips] when he went,” shared one parent.

While “running” away from home is a typical stunt that kids pull, Williams’ daughter executes her escape with particularly comic panache.

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