Local election results 2021: how your council voted and how the numbers map across England

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Local election results 2021 england my area how council voted map what time
Local election results 2021 england my area how council voted map what time

Thousands of seats are up for grabs across local councils in England in what is being dubbed "Super Thursday".

More than 4,500 seats in 143 council areas will be contested, a larger than usual number due to last year's elections being delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The elections are part of a plethora of polls occurring across the UK, including for the Welsh Senedd, Scottish Parliament and the London Assembly.

Results for councils will start coming in throughout Friday and into the weekend, so make sure you check in to see how your area has voted.

Not every local authority is contested in the election but almost two-thirds of the English population are living somewhere with some form of an election.

The results will determine which party leads on important local issues such as planning permission, parks and economic development. In areas voting for county and metropolitan councils, it will decide who leads on schools, social care and public health.

Politically, these elections represent the first major challenge for Prime Minister Boris Johnson since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the UK's exit from the EU. For Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, it will mark his first round of elections since he took on the role a year ago.

Currently, Labour has the most to lose, with 53 contested councils under their control, compared to 47 held by the Conservatives and six by the Liberal Democrats.

All eyes will be on the results from the "Red Wall" – Labour heartlands that swung to the Conservatives at the 2019 general election.

Key marginals in the region include Dudley, Northumberland and Derby, which a YouGov poll on May 1 found were likely Conservative wins.

Other prominent red bricks in the wall, including Bury, Hyndburn and Lincoln, are also likely to fall, including threatened majorities in Wolverhampton, Sheffield, and Warrington.

Further south, Labour will hope to fare better in places such as Nottinghamshire. All of the county council's seats were contested on Thursday, with Labour hoping to take it back from the Conservatives.

The Liberal Democrats – who are fielding the third largest amount of candidates – will also hope to make gains after their support collapsed following their participation in the coalition government between 2010 and 2015.

Also competing for the first time is Nigel Farage's Reform UK – the re-branded Brexit Party – which is fielding around 250 candidates across England.

What time are the Local election results out?

Here are the estimated times expected for declarations across the UK:


Friday morning:

  • 2am - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gateshead, Thurrock

  • 2.30am - Rochdale,

  • 3am - Knowsley, Harrow, Redditch, Sunderland

  • 4am - Derby, Oldham, Rochford, Southend-on-Sea

  • 4.30am - Colchester, South Tyneside, Nuneaton & Bedworth

  • 5am - Dudley, Northumberland

  • 6am - Stockport

Friday afternoon/evening:

  • 12pm - Devon

  • 1pm - Castle Point

  • 2pm - Bolton, Manchester and Wigan

  • 2:30 - Rossendale

  • 3pm - Chorley, Derbyshire, Preston, Sefton, Trafford

  • 3:30pm - Ipswich and Sheffield

  • 4pm - Barnsley, Basildon, Bury, Cornwall, Exeter, Gloucestershire, Halton, Maidstone, Suffolk, Tameside

  • 4:30pm - North East Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Solihull

  • 5pm - Brentwood, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Coventry, Crawley, Doncaster, Elmbridge, Epping Forest, Essex, Hart, Havant, Hyndburn, Isle of Wight, Kent, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Pendle, Peterborough, Plymouth, Reading, Salford, Sandwell, St Helens, Surrey, Swindon, Three Rovers and Wokingham

  • 5:30pm - Rushmoor and Walsall

  • 6pm - East Sussex, Hampshire, Hastings, Liverpool, Reigate and Banstead, Wirral and Woking

  • 7pm - Kingston-Upon-Hull, Runnymede and Warwickshire

  • 8pm - Lincoln and North Northamptonshire

  • 9pm - West Northamptonshire and Norfolk (will not been announced earlier than 9pm)

  • 9:30pm - Wakefield

  • 10pm - Tandridge

  • 11pm - Mole Valley and Worcestershire


  • 1am - Burnley

  • 12pm - Worcester

  • 1pm - Broxbourne and Hertfordshire

  • 2pm - Eastleigh, Lancashire and Oxford

  • 2:30pm - North Tyneside

  • 3pm - Cannock Chase

  • 4pm - Buckinghamshire, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Milton Keynes, Staffordshire and Tunbridge Wells

  • 5pm - Bradford, Calderdale, Durham, Fareham, Gosport, Hartlepool, Kirklees, Norwich, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Southampton, Stroud, Tamworth, Watford, Wiltshire and Winchester

  • 6pm - Leeds and West Sussex

  • 6:30pm - Warrington

  • 7pm - Slough

  • 8pm - Stevenage and Welwyn Hatfield

  • 9:30pm - Shropshire


  • 12pm - Adur, Worthing

  • 2pm - St Albans

  • 2.30pm - Oxfordshire

  • 4pm - Amber Valley, Bristol

  • 5pm - Basingstoke & Deane, North Hertfordshire

  • 6pm - Cherwell

  • 7pm -West Oxfordshire

About our results

Our results data are provided by the Press Association. Changes are calculated against a council's or parliament's composition at the time of the election, rather than against the composition resulting from the previous election. The Press Association only collates results for elections already scheduled to take place for May 6, 2021, so some council by-elections may not feature in our data.