Location pictures and videos from Fast and Furious 7

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Location pictures and videos from Fast and Furious 7
Los Angeles premiere of 'Fast & The Furious 6' at Gibson Amphitheatre

Filming has well and truly sped into first gear and shifted into second as not only have vehicles made it to the locations but also the stars are now also on set of 'Fast and Furious 7'. Photos and videos are leaking from the set with eager snappers catching glimpses of the action as well as the stars themselves releasing short videos from the locations.

Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson have both confirmed their attendance by posting very short videos to their Instagram accounts showing that they are indeed on set and filming is underway on 'Fast and Furious 7'. Both videos also show Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese's seems to show Paul Walker looking hard at what is likely his copy of the script.

Some of the images and videos coming from the set are completely unofficial with fans in the Colorado area driving through the locations and filming and taking photos to post online. Here is a rundown of what we can see so far:


Ludacris is on a 'Fast and Furious' set for the second birthday in a row according to this video he posted on Instagram. Joining him is the lovely Michelle Rodriguez who both stars seem delighted does not have to be kept a secret during the shooting of this film. I guess when a shooting schedule is so ludicrously short that previous director Justin Lin has to drop out, it means even a star like Ludacris cannot have his own birthday off. To be fair, I could think of far worse ways to spend my birthday than on the set of 'Fast and Furious 7' hanging out with Michelle Rodriguez and Ludacris certainly does not seem to be complaining.

Tyrese Gibson

Never one to be far from the action, Tyrese Gibson has also posted a video to his Instagram account from the set stating 'Day 1: Fast 7'. Looking a little tired and not quite his chirpy self on an eerily quiet set, it is clear this video is taken from an early morning shoot but it shows the stars are reunited and work is most certainly underway.

Velozes e Furiosos 7

These guys have been driving through the Pikes Peak location with a GoPro camera attached to their car, filming all the vehicles and the roads that will no doubt be raced on in 'Fast and Furious 7'. They have also been putting photos all over their Facebook page of the vehicles and more glimpses from the current production location. As is to be expected from 'Fast and Furious 7', the cars look hot and there seems to be plenty of evidence of carnage waiting to happen atop the awe inspiring Colorado location.

Are these videos and pictures getting you even more excited for 'Fast and Furious 7'?

Pete is a cautious fan of the Fast and Furious films; enjoying the fast cars and furious fights but not so keen on the cheesy dialogue. However he's not going to be telling Vin Diesel that last bit any time in a hurry…

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