Tributes begin for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels actor Jake Abraham, after dying aged 56

Jake Abraham
Jake Abraham

Jake Abraham, perhaps best known for his role in Guy Ritchie’s breakout hit, ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,’ has died aged 56 after a battle with prostate cancer. The actor publicly discussed his cancer diagnosis only months ago, revealing that he had felt unwell for quite some time but had waited to get it checked out with the doctor.

In an interview back in July for the Liverpool Echo, Abraham revealed his diagnosis: "I was working but I wasn't feeling well. I was pushing through those spells when you don't feel yourself, you haven't got the energy and there are aches and pains.”

“What made me go to the doctor and get a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test was that I passed blood in my urine. I got a test and ended up in the Royal. He said 'You've got cancer, I'm so, so sorry'. He said that I'd had it for years, maybe four years."

In the very same interview, he urged people to take tests to catch early signs of cancer and to allow for earlier treatment. "I think most men take the approach of 'oh, I'll get on with it'. Well, I'm palliative now, I found out really late down the line and there's nothing they can do for me - I've just got it now and I've just got to wait for the day.”

Abraham made his screen debut as Davva in the 1986 BBC sitcom “Help!” and acted in Jonathan Harvey's play, ‘Guiding Star,’ in a Royal National Theatre production at the Cottesloe Theatre in London in 1998. But it was his role as Liverpudlian gangster Dean, alongside his partner in crime Gary (played by ‘Bread’ and ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ actor Victor McGuire) in Guy Ritchie’s 1998 crime comedy ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ that made him a household name to viewers across the world.

Abraham leaves behind his wife, actress and singer Joanna Taylor, and their two children.

Jake Abraham (left) was perhaps best known for his role as Liverpudlian gangster Dean in 1998's
Jake Abraham (left) was perhaps best known for his role as Liverpudlian gangster Dean in 1998's "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" (Credit: Polygram Films)

"We have lost one of the city's greats"

Among the tribute being paid after the announcement of Abraham's death, Liverpool Film Office tweeted "We have lost one of the city’s greats. Our thoughts are with Jake Abraham’s loved ones at this difficult time," reposting an original post by The Guide Liverpool, who also expressed their sadness over the news.

"Such sad news today. Jake Abraham, one of the city's best-loved actors, has died aged 56. Sending love to Jake's family, friends, and everyone @RoyalCourtLiv, where he took to the stage many times."

The Upper Tier podcast posted "Rest In Peace Jake Abraham gone way too soon," with a picture of his role of Dean alongside Victor McGuire's character Gary from 'Lock, Stock...' and Lydia Morales posted Oh Mr Jake Abraham , for the times you lit up a room with laughter and wonderful magic and the many hours spent listening to your stories full of passion, knowledge and advice. Thank you, what a true honour to have been in your presence."

Prostate Cancer UK also paid tribute, writing "We’re sad to hear that the much-loved actor Jake Abraham has died, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year. Our thoughts are with Jake’s loved ones."