Logic updates his '1-800' message at Grammys to include feminist, immigration commentary

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

After notching his first No. 1 album with Everybody in 2017, rapper Logic found himself gaining lots of attention for his suicide awareness single “1-800-273-8255,” which features Alessia Cara and Khalid.

The single came to full prominence at the 2017 VMA Awards, where he was backed by a small orchestra as well as bevy of suicide survivors who wore T-shirts that displayed the suicide hotline number on the front and an inspirational message on the back that read “You are not alone.”

Logic repeated this performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in New York on Jan. 28, creating a near-perfect clone of that performance but adding a new speech in the middle of the song that reflected the current social and political climate, including the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements as well as the immigration discussion and controversial comments from President Trump.

He went on to address cultural xenophobia and the hot-button issue of immigration: “To all the beautiful countries filled with culture, diversity, and thousands of years of history: You are not s***holes. You are beautiful. And lastly, on behalf of those who fight for equality in a world that is not equal, not just, and not ready for the change we are here to bring. I say unto you — bring us your tired, your poor, and any immigrant who seeks refuge. For together we can build not just a better country but a world that is destined to be united.”

When Logic used the term “s***holes,” the broadcast briefly dropped sound and cut away from him, which can be seen in the video above.

The performance was followed by a commercial urging people to look beyond images and seek help when necessary. It showed a series of happy, engaged people in a variety of pleasant life situations, with the notation following that every one of them had called a suicide hotline at one point.