Former London mayor Ken Livingstone told 'he should know better' after blocking tube door with his foot

Victoria Bell
The former mayor of London appeared to have his foot in the tube door. (@2wenty4s Twitter)
The former mayor of London appeared to have his foot in the tube door. (@2wenty4s Twitter)

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone was told he "should know better" by a TfL member of staff after being spotted holding up a tube by putting his foot in the door.

Awkward footage posted by Twitter user @2wenty4s this morning shows Mr Livingstone with his foot in the doors of a London tube refusing to budge as a TfL staff member attempts to remove him.

The staff member can be heard saying: “Mr Livingstone, it’s all right.”

Livingstone, who was wearing a green coat and a scarf around his mouth which obscured half of his face, replied: “Stop pushing me over! You’re trying to push me over.

“Now open (the doors) and let me on!”

The staff member claims he isn’t trying to push him over and shouts: “Mr Livingstone, you should know better than this. What are you doing?”

The video footage was posted on Twitter this morning and has since attracted more than nearly 700,000 views.


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Mr Livingstone told Mail Online that it was "not a deliberate act".

He said: "It happens. You often get caught by the doors closing on you.

"But I have never in all my life using the Tube not known the driver to immediately open the door."

A TfL spokesperson told Yahoo news: “We encourage all of our customers to stand clear of the doors for their own safety and to help us run a reliable service.”

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