How Long Will Leftover Copycat DoubleTree Cookies Last?

Chocolate chip cookies on counter
Chocolate chip cookies on counter - Melissa Olivieri / Mashed

Travel can be stressful, but those who stay at a DoubleTree hotel can rely on one comfort waiting for them upon check-in: a warm chocolate chip cookie. It's a signature treat for the chain that no doubt encourages loyalty among frequent travelers. Fortunately, you don't have to fork over the cost of a hotel room every time the desire for this delicious snack hits. If you use the DoubleTree cookie recipe created by Mashed developer Melissa Olivieri, you can enjoy them right at home. But how long can these tasty snacks stick around for after baking?

When stored correctly, DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies will last about a week at room temperature. After that is when Olivieri says the "stale" taste starts to set in. Home bakers should ensure the cookies have fully cooled — which may take an hour or more — before storing them in an airtight container.

Baked goods continuously release steam as they cool, and packing them up before this process ends can cause moisture to build up inside of the container. This can cause your cookies to go stale or turn moldy far sooner than they would otherwise.

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The Cookies Can Have A Longer Life In The Freezer

Chocolate chip cookies on parchment
Chocolate chip cookies on parchment - Melissa Olivieri / Mashed

Fortunately, those who need to store their cookies for longer than a week have another option. Melissa Olivieri's copycat DoubleTree cookies can be frozen for up to three months without sacrificing quality. Once they're completely cool, freeze them on a baking sheet or another flat surface. After they've frozen through, you can package them in a freezer-safe bag or airtight container, ideally with a square of parchment paper in between each layer to prevent sticking.

When ready to eat them again, thaw the cookies in the refrigerator overnight for the best texture. Alternatively, you can eat them sooner if you thaw them at room temperature on a paper towel-lined tray or baking sheet for an hour or two. Then, they just need a short stint in the microwave, oven, or toaster oven to restore their fresh-baked warmth.

You may not even have to worry about how long these tasty cookies will last — they could be gone within just a few days! That would mean you have a fresh opportunity to whip up any other delicious copycat dessert recipes you've been meaning to try. You may even want to compare Olivieri's cookies with DoubleTree's official recipe that it shared during the pandemic.

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