Lonzo Ball's Fuller House cameo involved Big Baller shoes and bare feet

Netflix released the second half of “Fuller House” season three on Friday and — surprise, surprise — Lonzo Ball played a pivotal role in the season finale.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard actually did pretty well in crunch time, too. No, it probably won’t nab him an Emmy, but Ball showed some decent comedic chops in his three minutes of screen time.

So why did the Bay Area-centric series go with a Lakers player instead of someone from the Warriors?

It actually played into the needs of the series’ storyline and made D.J. Tanner’s boyfriend Steve make a big decision on whether to stay in San Francisco or take a job in Los Angeles.

At the risk of spoiling the ending for all you diehard “Fuller House”/NBA fans, Ball was pitching Steve on becoming the team’s new podiatrist. During the course of his recruiting pitch, Lonzo takes off his Big Baller Brand shoes, shows off his bare feet and even makes a self-deprecating joke about being the second pick in last summer’s NBA draft.

The cameo was enough to get a good Twitter reaction from fellow Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma:

Fun fact: Lonzo was born in 1997, two years after the final episode of the original “Full House.”

Ball isn’t the first athlete to appear on “Fuller House.” San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence made a cameo as Stephanie Tanner’s boyfriend in season one. Lakers great Kareem Abdul Jabbar also made an appearance back in 1995 during the franchise’s first iteration.

(Fuller House screen shot)