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Lockdown may be upon us once more (we swear, it comes earlier every year...) but 2020 is not yet a write-off. Whether you want to boost your fitness, level-up your culinary skills, or find the perfect gift – for you, we mean, not your loved ones – our new issue is your manual.

Here's a preview of what you'll find inside:

Meet Britain's Best Fitness Coaches

A good trainer can help you push your limits, but a great trainer will make you believe those limits were never there in the first place. We asked you to tell us about the people who inspire you – in fitness, yes, but also in life. Meet this year's head coaches.

Self-Care for Consumerists: A Gift-It-Yourself Guide

It's said that giving is better than receiving, but the maxim has a flaw: it assumes the giver and the receiver are never one and the same. Whether you're a committed gym-goer or fervent foodie, there's something here for you.

How to Hit Your Peak in Your 50s

Fifty isn't the new 40, or even the new 30. It's much better than that. Today's men aren't striving to slow decline – they're hitting personal bests, rebuilding their bodies and learning new skills. MH spoke to seven men excelling in their middle-aged prime. Learn how to grow old gainfully.

Satiating by Numbers

Let's get one thing straight: tis not the season for saintly restraint nor meticulous macro-counting. But in the year-long pursuit of better health, knowledge is power – and a little goes a long way. Know what's on your plate and you can ensure the choices you make deliver maximum pleasure with minimum fallout.

Everybody Wants to Cure the World

Forget the new normal: an effective coronavirus vaccine will herald a return to life as we knew it. But who will be first in line? And will everyone actually want to take it? Creating a vaccine is not the end of the journey – it's the start.

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