Star Wars Scum and Villainy

The best 'Star Wars' Valentine's Day cards

'Star Wars' greetings cards are usually creepy to say the least. Just take these Christmas-themed ones or worse yet this Valentine, which will haunt our nightmares forever.

They aren't all bad however, sometimes those talented sods on the internet but their skills to good use and create something pretty funny.

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(Credit: Somethingawful)

We've unearthed these 'Star Wars' Valentines from Something Awful, who set their forum members the task of spreading the 'Star Wars' love.

There are thirty in all covering each of the films and including characters from the forefront of the saga to some of the better bit characters.

There are some wonderful puns too, as you'd expect - even fearless pilot Porkins gets a look in.

Take a look at some of the best below.
(Credit: Somethingawful)(Credit: Somethingawful)(Credit: Somethingawful)(Credit: Somethingawful)