Loose Women star Linda Robson speaks out over split from husband: 'We never had much in common!'

Linda Robson called time on her marriage to Mark Dunford in 2023 after more than 30 years together credit:Bang Showbiz
Linda Robson called time on her marriage to Mark Dunford in 2023 after more than 30 years together credit:Bang Showbiz

Linda Robson "never had much in common" with her estranged husband Mark Dunford.

The 65-year-old TV star had been married to Mark - with whom she has Louis, 32, and 27-year-old Bobbie - for more than 30 years when she announced their intention to divorce towards the end of 2023 and has now admitted that they had simply grown apart and even though she has been "sad" about it, she is now in a "really good place" after putting pen to paper for her autobiography 'Truth Be Told: Tales From A Baggy Mouth'.

She told OK! Magazine: "People do, sometimes, don’t they? We never had that much in common, you know. I’m very sociable – Mark never enjoyed that side of things. I’ve been sad about it, of course I have. But we had two lovely children together. But they’re all grown up, living their own lives now.

"So now, it's me and Dolly the dog. I’m in a really good place. Work’s good, I feel like I have a lot to talk about. [Writing her memoir] was therapeutic, especially talking about my mental health battles.”

The former 'Birds of a Feather' actress - who also has Lauren, 40, from her previous relationship with Tony Tyler - has remained "civil" with Mark and is planning to stay in her hometown of Islington but will downsize into a two-bedroom house so there is enough room for her grandchildren to stay.

She said: "I’m getting a smaller house, near Lauren – a two-bedroom, so I can have her girls come and stay with me. But I’ll still be in Islington – unless my kids move, in which case I’ll bloody follow them! [Mark and I] are civil to each other – most of the time!”

Linda has appeared as a regular panellist on ITV1's lunchtime chat show 'Loose Women' since 2012 but had to take a year off in 2018 as she recovered from a nervous breakdown and admitted that she never expected something like that would happen to her but still finds it hard to "forgive" herself for what her family went through at that time.

She said: "That’s when I turned to alcohol, just to black out. I was struggling to get through the day.

"I gave my family the worst time… I still find it hard to forgive myself for that. I’d always been the ‘strong’ one. Suddenly, they all had to look after me.

“If anyone had told me I’d have a nervous breakdown, I’d have gone, ‘Me? Are you mad?!’ I’ve learned a lot about mental health. I never thought about it before what happened to me. I think a lot about it now. I’m just so relieved to be back to my old self."