Lorraine Kelly awkwardly slates Cats while not realising guest Bonnie Langford's niece was in movie

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Things got a tad awkward on Lorraine earlier today (July 16) after the show's host slated Cats, only to appear to not realise that guest Bonnie Langford's niece was in it.

The actress and singer appeared in the original stage production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber show, so naturally the subject of the recent panned movie came up.

"Now look, I have to say watching that tiny little clip of your production of Cats, heck of a lot better than the film," Lorraine Kelly said. "Crikey! Wasn't that a bad one?"

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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Appearing to consider her words, Bonnie revealed that niece Zizi Strallen (Tantomile) was in the movie, answering: "Well, I have to be positive, because my niece was in it."

"She was brilliant, but the rest of it was not so good," Lorraine said as she seemed to laugh it off. "She was fabulous!"

Bonnie then added: "Well you know what, if it means people go and see the show afterwards then I'm actually for it, any kind of entertainment. But if we can keep ourselves going and keep theatre going, then we can all be back together."

Photo credit: Universal
Photo credit: Universal

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Viewers at home found the situation pretty funny, one writing: "Lorraine walked right into that one didn't she? Slating the film Cats and then Bonnie saying her niece was in it!"

"The one time Kelly tries to be honest, it backfires - Damn!" another joked.

While Cats was a critical and box office flop, audiences ought to be relieved that the moggies they saw on screen could have looked worse (if that's even possible).

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