Lotus Biscoff Sauce is here to upgrade your ice cream sundaes this summer

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Lotus Biscoff sauce is here to make your summer ice cream sundaes even better. (Getty Images)
Lotus Biscoff sauce is here to make your summer ice cream sundaes even better. (Getty Images)

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Biscoff Spread captured the hearts of the nation as soon as it became available to buy. Whether you were usually a crunchy or smooth person, the caramelised biscuity spread was an all round hit.

We started out tentatively: adding it to cakes but then became more-and-more adventurous as we realised you can add it just about anything.

We spread it on toast, piled it on marshmallows and, dare we say it, on top of actual Lotus biscuits (trust us) before graduating to the simple ‘spoon’ method - AKA, spooning the product straight into our mouths.

And now we’ve uncovered a new Biscoff product on Amazon that makes it even easier to add to anything and everything. Enter: Lotus Biscoff Topping Sauce.

The gooey topping sauce version, which comes in a 1kg squeezy bottle, is perfect for pouring over ice cream desserts over the summer season, meaning that our homemade sundaes just got a whole lot more impressive.

Buy it: Lotus Biscoff Topping Sauce 1kg Squeezy Bottle | £9.93 from Amazon

Unsurprisingly, fans have been giving the sweet treat rave reviews on the online retailer's website, which has now racked up over 400 reviews, 84% of which are five-star ratings.

One happy customer - presumably on a sugar high - wrote: "Although it was a little pricey for a bottle of sauce, making this purchase was 100% worth it."

Another customer confirmed you can literally put it on anything, even Weetabix: "Family favourite. It's been used over icing on cakes, on top of ice cream, a pancake topping. I've also caught my daughter putting it on her Weetabix! Tastes just like the biscuits and lasts for ages. Buy it, you won't regret it!”

It seems the sauce has been so popular fans have been having a hard time getting hold of the sweet treat as of late: “Since lockdown began I've not been able to buy the spread anywhere and I've been craving it so badly. When I saw this I thought I'd take a chance. The flavour is spot on and makes a wonderful sweet treat; whether it's on a spoon, on ice cream or drizzled over pancakes. It's a kilo bottle so actually it's not expensive because it's a huge quantity and will last you ages.”

Upgrade your sundaes this summer - you deserve it.

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