Love Actually writer shuts down big fan theory

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Photo credit: Universal Pictures

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Love Actually script editor Emma Freud has deflated one of the movie's huge fan theories.

Richard Curtis's festive classic was released 15 years ago, bringing together one of the strongest ensemble casts in cinema history. This hallowed ground is still dissected by fans though and now we have some answers that perhaps we didn't even need.

Speaking to, Emma (who also happens to be director Richard's girlfriend) was asked if Hugh Grant's Prime Minister David was pushed into Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) by his chief of staff Annie (Nina Sosanya).

Photo credit: Universal/Everett Collection Rex/Shutterstock - Universal
Photo credit: Universal/Everett Collection Rex/Shutterstock - Universal

This relates to a fan theory suggesting Annie was the one who picked the supposedly 'random sample' of Christmas cards for the PM to read – one of which was from Natalie uncloaking her feelings for him. In short, Annie noticed David hadn't been too cheerful since Natalie's redistribution at Number 10, therefore she decided to play Cupid.

Emma responded: "Wow, I love that! I've never heard that or even thought of it. I was the one who wrote the post-it saying, 'A random sample,' so I always thought it was me who chose that particular Christmas card.

"That was certainly not in Richard's mind but I think he'll want to agree with it because that idea does make a lot of sense. You're absolutely right. If he's only going to get 20 Christmas cards and only one of them is private and romantic, somebody must have had a bit of a say in that."

The script editor also weighed in on office worker Mia's (Heike Makatsch) rumoured satanic identity, who spent most of the movie seducing Alan Rickman's character Harry.

Photo credit: Moviestore Collection
Photo credit: Moviestore Collection

Was she meant to represent the Devil?

"No, she didn’t represent anything," Emma confirmed, "although I can see why they'd think that because she does wear those little devil horns at the party. I truly hate Mia… She's a piece of work, isn't she?

"But no, she was never meant to represent anything; she just is a bad girl. The actress on the other hand was a wonderful girl and played it so beautifully. But that storyline hurts me."

Love Actually fans the world over can finally sleep at night.

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