Love Island Games: is Johnny on his way out?

 Johnny Middlebrooks in shorts in Love Island Games.
Johnny Middlebrooks in shorts in Love Island Games.

Coming into Love Island Games, Johnny Middlebrooks only had one person who had an axe to grind against him. His ex-girlfriend Cely Vazquez, whom he met while competing on Love Island USA season 2, wasn't his biggest fan given how they broke up and his handling of the aftermath. Even though the two seemingly hashed out their differences in an episode of Love Island Games, they still have occasionally contentious moments — Johnny pieing Cely in the face being one of them.

Cely is just one person, but Johnny has made himself a few more enemies over the course of the series, which is seemingly putting him in danger of being voted out of the game.

Johnny earned more negative attention from fellow islanders Liberty Poole and Jessica "Jess" Losurdo. He found himself in a classic love triangle between the two ladies. Although he spent a lot of his time making out with Liberty, he spent nights chatting with Jess. When it was time to choose who he'd partner with, he chose Jess, which was a big shocker to the Love Island Games cast. Liberty played it as cool as she could, but she was noticeably disappointed.

Moving right along to Johnny and Jess' time together. She never really bought into the notion that Johnny cared for her as much as he professed. No matter how many times Johnny showered her with compliments and claimed he liked her, she would only temporarily believe him before giving in to her doubts.

Then walked in bombshell Courtney Boerner. She immediately turned Johnny's head, leading him to tell her that she was what he'd been looking for in the villa. When Courtney repeats that sentiment at a recoupling ceremony to describe why she was choosing to pair with Johnny, Jess completely loses her cool.

Johnny Middlebrooks and Courtney Boerner hugging in Love Island Games
Johnny Middlebrooks and Courtney Boerner hugging in Love Island Games

In a memorable TV moment, Jess bombarded him with a series of four-letter words starting with the letter "F" and repeatedly called him a snake. She was hurt Johnny wouldn't be honest about his feelings. Since that infamous night, Jess has treated Johnny with nothing but contempt.

As Johnny moved on with Courtney, things for the pair seemed to be going well (in the very few short days). That is until Love Island Games episode 14, when Johnny laid eyes on another bombshell, Love Island Germany star, Aurelia Lamprecht. Again, Johnny found his head turned by another woman islander. Chemistry for them was cemented with a kiss they shared during an introduction game when new competitors had to peck those they found most attractive.

The following day, Johnny met with Aurelia one on one and she showered him with compliments about his good vibe and "aura." Her kind words only sparked Johnny's interest in her further.

That all brings us to Love Island Games episode 15, airing on November 16. Johnny gives into temptation and makes out with Aurelia behind Courtney's back outside of a challenge. When Courtney finds out about the kiss, which was inevitable, she lets Johnny have a piece of her mind. Take a look at the preview clip for the episode in question.

Is Johnny's latest act of betrayal enough to finally get the other islanders to turn on him and dump him from the villa?

Honestly, that depends. Let's imagine that Courtney, Jess and even Cely join forces to gripe about their issues with him. They may talk to the other ladies, sans Aurelia, and launch a campaign to get Johnny out of the villa. However, even if the women rallied around that cause, the men islanders may not be on board. Many of them have developed a bond with Johnny.

Additionally, Johnny is a great competitor and has been doing well in the challenges (that's not a complete surprise given his stint on The Challenge season 38). Should he be placed in a vulnerable position to be dumped from the villa, there's a strong possibility he outwits his opponent in the elimination challenge and remains on the show.

The only way to know for sure what happens next is to tune into Love Island Games airing on Peacock.