Lukas Gage Apologizes To Shania Twain For Having Her Sing At Wedding

Lukas Gage is making amends for a short-term marriage to Chris Appleton. He’d like to start by apologizing to Shania Twain.

During Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen peppered Gage with questions on several bad decisions. That includes wearing fur coats at the wedding.

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“Did someone from the Kardashians TV show hand you fur coats and say, ‘You’re getting married in these right now?’” Cohen asked.

“Literally, I don’t know what went through my head. I don’t know what happened. The fur coats was a horrible idea,” Gage said.

Then he turned to the topic of Shania Twain.

“I want to apologize to Shania Twain for wasting her time,” Gage said.

Ahead of their vows in Las Vegas, Twain sang her 1998 hit, You’re Still the One.

“I mean, ‘We’re still holding on, you’re still the one’ after, like, three weeks? That was unhinged,” he said. “That was like the biggest waste of her time. But, I love you, Shania. I’m really sorry about that.”

Gage also issued a public apology to Kim Kardashian, a friend and client of celebrity hairstylist Appleton, who officiated the wedding.

“Kim’s great,” Gage said. “She was really sweet to fly us all out and take care of us and pay for everything.”

Cohen asked, “And put you on her show?” Gage replied with a laugh, saying, “Yeah, sorry to Kim and Shania.”

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