Luke Hemsworth is Wild Bill in 'Hickok' Trailer

Luke Hemsworth is stepping into the spurs of one of the most iconic gunslingers in Western lore.

In the recently released trailer for Hickok, Hemsworth stars as the titular "Wild" Bill Hickok alongside Bruce Dern, Kris Kristofferson and Trace Adkins as bullets aplenty are fired and lawlessness threatens the small town of Abilene, Kansas.

"Things ain't so quiet, anymore," a gravelly voiced Kristofferson warns Hemsworth. It doesn't take long for that statement to be verified, as shot after shot is fired and "Wild" Bill takes the role of Marshall.

Hemsworth, the elder brother to Chris and Liam, is no stranger to the Western genre, hot on the heels of his recent turn on HBO's genre-blurring Westworld.

In this upcoming role, he squares off against Adkins' Phil Poe, an imposing figure in all black with long tresses reminiscent of the real-life Hickok.

The trailer promises action galore, as Hemsworth's "Wild" Bill lives up to his legacy as one of the deadliest gunfighters in the Wild West. "I'm done running," he promises, before launching into a moonlit shootout against a nefarious gang of outlaws.

Hickok, from director Timothy Woodward Jr., is in theaters and on demand July 7.

Watch the trailer below.