LuLaRoe superseller live-streams exclusive look inside company warehouse

LuLaRoe superseller Crystal Foy gave an exclusive look into the brand’s warehouse. (Photo: Facebook/Lularoe Crystal Foy)

LuLaRoe superseller Crystal Foy had the experience of a lifetime on Wednesday when she was brought into the brand’s warehouse by the founder herself. In a live stream posted to Foy’s Facebook page, the saleswoman brought LuLaRoe fans along with her — and the lady in charge, DeAnne Stidham — as they pulled their own inventory from the shelves of the expansive warehouse. And to nobody’s surprise, there were thousands of viewers bursting with envy.

“I had the honor of being chosen to tape the sales training video for the Queue Club,” Foy explained, before chatting about her day in production. She then got to meet the leadership team, along with head stylist Paige Amelung. “And now DeAnne took me to the warehouse. I’m getting to pick my own box of LuLaRoe. It’s been the best day of my entire life!”

LuLaRoe is a direct-sales company, in which the company sells wholesale inventory to individuals who then sell the LuLaRoe clothing themselves. LuLaRoe consultants are not technically LuLaRoe employees, but they do represent the company. The more LuLaRoe you sell, the higher your “ranking” within the company. And Foy, a LuLaRoe “coach” (the second-highest level), is one of a select few people who have been granted access to LuLaRoe’s warehouse.

Foy had previously told her followers that she was heading out to California for a few days without mentioning her destination as Corona — the city of LuLaRoe HQ. (A common complaint among LuLaRoe consultants is that the inventory they receive often comes with undesirable items that are difficult to sell, making Foy’s trip to the warehouse to choose a custom box of inventory that much more special.)

Although there are a lot of other sellers on Foy’s level, some still didn’t know much about what the mysterious Queue Club is. “The Queue Club is the group of retailers that are waiting to join LuLaRoe,” she said in the video, which emphasizes the honor in being selected as their head sales trainer.

The ambiguity surrounding the inner workings at LuLaRoe headquarters doesn’t end there. The company hosts weekly webinars that are supposed to answer LuLaRoe consultant questions about what’s going on at the “home office,” as it’s called, and how consultants can improve their business. Still, many feel like they are left in the dark, only one of many ongoing controversies the direct-selling company has had to address recently.

As for Foy’s live stream, many commenters congratulated Foy for receiving recognition of her work with LuLaRoe, writing things like, “No one better to train people than you!” Others agreed with the sentiment that the warehouse looks like their “heaven,” wondering if other consultants would get a similar opportunity in the future.

Stidham made appearances throughout the live stream, expressing her love and gratitude to Foy and all of the buyers and sellers.

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