Luther creator defends changing TV show ending for Netflix movie

idris elba as john luther, luther the fallen sun
Luther creator defends changing TV ending for filmNetflix

Luther: The Fallen Sun spoilers follow.

Luther returned for a movie follow-up over the weekend, answering many fans' questions about what happened after the series 5 finale.

While the question of Alice's fate was quite simple, the way the film dealt with Luther's arrest in the last episode of the show was less so.

In the series, Luther's boss, Martin Schenk, had to tearfully arrest his friend after he had bent the law one too many times.

andy serkis, luther the fallen sun

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In the film, however, Andy Serkis' businessman David Robey gets Luther sent down after releasing evidence of Luther's dodgy doings (don't worry, he gets broken out).

So why the change? Well, creator and writer Neil Cross told Radio Times that it's about the practicalities.

"He goes to prison for a whole bunch of stuff that he's done. But Robey is still the mechanism behind which a lot of this stuff gets released," he said.

"There's a great gag that we gave to Patrick Malahide about 'having a photograph in the Cloud, whatever that is'. So we can assume that Robey has drawn down that photograph of a dead body, right? So the continuity and the lore, as it were, is still entirely logically and dramatically consistent.

idris elba as john luther, luther the fallen sun

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"But the needle that we had to thread, and it’s a unique needle, is that we had two audiences to address. Audience number one is the fans who are familiar with Luther and what he's done and why. But there's a second audience, which is people coming into the world entirely ignorant.

"And we had to construct the story such that it was equally satisfying for both audiences."

Luther: The Fallen Sun is available to stream on Netflix now.

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