Macaulay Culkin Re-Enacts Weekend At Bernie's To Prove He's Not Dead


Contrary to an internet hoax over the weekend, Macaulay is not dead.

And as if to prove it – well, sort of – he posted a picture of himself and a chum re-enacting 80s comedy movie ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’.

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While his friend donned a wig, the 34-year-old ‘Home Alone’ star is slumped in his arms – though actually, this might not prove he’s not dead, strictly speaking.


But there were plenty of other pictures posted from his band Pizza Underground’s Twitter account proving that Culkin is indeed alive, well and on tour across the US.

He even pulled out the Weekend At Bernie’s pose on stage at the Fun Fun Fun festival in Austin, Texas.


A fan tweeted that Culkin began his set by bellowing: “I’m alive!”

The final proof there, then.


The first rumblings of the hoax occurred on Facebook, with a false ‘Macaulay Cuklin RIP’ tribute page being posted and then removed, but not before receiving hundreds of thousands of ‘likes’.

As you will no doubt recall, ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ followed the thoroughly plausible plot of a pair of young corporation employees – Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman – who have to carry around the corpse of their boss – Bernie – while on the run from the mob.

Culkin was the subject of another death hoax in April this year, and is only the latest in a stream of similar victims.

Judd Nelson posted a picture of himself with that day’s copy of The Washington Post only a couple of weeks ago to prove he wasn’t dead, after a fake story appeared online.

Before that, it was the turn of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Morgan Freeman to similarly deny reports of their own demise.

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Image credits: Twitter