Mad Max: Furiosa delays release by nearly a year

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Photo credit: Warner Bros Pictures
Photo credit: Warner Bros Pictures

Mad Max: Furiosa won't reach multiplex screens until May 24, 2024, it's been confirmed.

This prequel to 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road, focussing on a young version of Charlize Theron's post-apocalyptic war captain was originally intended for release in 2023.

Last Night in Soho actress Anya Taylor-Joy was announced as the star of the new movie.

TheWrap broke the news of its delay earlier this week, but Warner Bros. has not yet provided an explanation as to what caused this delay.

Filming however is reportedly still expected to go ahead in Australia later this year.

Photo credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic - Getty Images

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Back in June, Taylor-Joy herself reacted to joining the cast of Furiosa, saying: "The thing that makes me most excited about Furiosa is, No. 1, [director] George Miller.

"That brain is incredible. I'm also really excited to do something physical. To physically become something else is something that will weirdly give me a lot of peace."

Her soon-to-be co-star Chris Hemsworth also commented: "It is a huge honour. A lot of pressure, but exciting pressure that is certainly motivating.

"It really is, out of everything I've done, the biggest pinch-myself moment, because I've grown up watching it and it's so iconic."

Photo credit: Warner Bros Pictures
Photo credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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Hemsworth, who's best known for his godly role as Thor in the MCU, previously described Miller's world as "the pinnacle" and "a huge reason why I got into the business of telling stories.

"The fact that I'll have the [honour] of not only being directed by its original visionary in George Miller but also take part in Furiosa's origin story is incredibly exciting," the star added.

"Huge respect to George, Mel [Gibson], Charlize, Tom [Hardy] and all the cast and crew who helped build this epic world. I'll do my best to continue the tradition of cinematic badassery."

Mad Max: Furiosa is now scheduled to come to the big screen on May 24, 2024.

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