Maddie searches for high-budget one-bedroom in downtown Manhattan

On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps Maddie find the glamorous Manhattan apartment of her dreams, after feeling a little cramped in her current Jersey City apartment. Maddie is looking for a studio or one-bedroom and is hoping that with her budget of $4,500 a month, she’ll be able to find a space with modern appliances, great views, and a little bit of outdoor space. Can Will help Maddie find her perfect apartment? Let’s find out!

Will starts by showing Maddie “The Garden Loft.” This one-bedroom unit rents for $4,200 a month and features a lofted bedroom and a truly epic outdoor space. The moment she steps foot into the apartment, Maddie is blown away by the floor-to-ceiling windows which drench the apartment in sunlight. She’s also impressed by the full-sized dishwasher and open-plan living area. When Will leads Maddie up a flight of stairs to the cozy lofted bedroom, the impressed apartment hunter tells him, “I didn’t know that I wanted to live in a loft, but now I do!”

Next up, Will shows Maddie “The Water View,” which rents for under budget at $3,900 a month. This cheerily decorated one-bedroom unit comes with personality to spare. Each room in the apartment features a different color scheme, from the pastel pink living room to the dark green kitchen featuring patterned peacock wallpaper. Maddie loves the apartment’s design and layout, and says she can absolutely imagine hosting drinks and appetizers in the spacious living room. She is also impressed by the apartment’s views of the river and its natural light.

Finally, Will shows Maddie “The Warehouse Studio,” which rents for $4,000 a month. This spacious studio features plenty of light and even an outdoor balcony space. Best of all, the Warehouse Studio features a truly rare amenity: an in-unit washer-dryer. Maddie is blown away by the massive studio space and the upscale detailing in the bathroom, which Will points out “feels like a luxury hotel bathroom.”

One month later, Maddie shares that she decided to stay in Jersey City for the time being. “I’ve ultimately decided to stick around in Jersey City for a little longer just because my job is out here,” she explains. “But whenever I’m ready to move back to Manhattan, I know what’s out there!”

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