Mads Mikkelsen had to get drunk to prepare for Another Round

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Photo credit: NurPhoto - Getty Images
Photo credit: NurPhoto - Getty Images

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Doctor Strange star Mads Mikkelsen has opened up about his alcohol centric new movie Another Round, admitting he had to get drunk for real to prepare for his role.

The Danish drama, which has been nominated for two Oscars, follows four friends who test a theory that their lives will improve if they maintain a constant level of alcohol in their blood.

Speaking at a BAFTA session following his Leading Actor nomination for his role, Mikkelsen explained how he prepared… with a little help from alcohol.

Photo credit: StudioCanal
Photo credit: StudioCanal

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"I think for most actors playing drunk you would approach it a little like you do in real life," he said. "You come home from the pub and don't want your wife to know you've been having a couple of pints, that means you're hiding it.

"The slightly drunk version is always hide it, hide it, and that obviously gives you away because you move a little more restrained, more precise, too precise actually.

"Those are the, should we say, the easy ways of playing drunk but then when you get up to the higher levels this is when the danger starts, this is what gives you away if you're not nailing it, it's just so obvious."

Photo credit: NurPhoto - Getty Images
Photo credit: NurPhoto - Getty Images

Speaking about actually getting drunk, he said: "What we did, we did a boot camp before we started shooting, and we tested out the exact levels, 0.5, 0.8, 0.1 and we tested out some of the scenes and we filmed the whole thing, we had a great time.

"We're four guys, who know each other well, you've had a few shots before, it doesn't seem that odd. It's normal."

He continued: "When you see the video the next day it gives you away, all of a sudden your hands are doing stuff you didn't tell them to do, and that little lisp you had 40 years ago, it's back!

Photo credit: Julia Reinhart - Getty Images
Photo credit: Julia Reinhart - Getty Images

"That was coming in really handy, and the completely hammered stuff we watched a lot of YouTube videos – for some reason it's always Russian people who film themselves when they're drinking a lot. We didn't test that out, we watched and got inspired."

Sounds like a hoot.

As well as his role in Another Round, Mikkelsen will soon appear as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3, replacing Johnny Depp as the villain.

Another Round is out in UK cinemas on June 25. The EE BAFTA Film Awards will take place over the weekend of April 10 and 11 on the BBC.

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