Magneto to preside at Professor X's wedding

McKellen will oversee Patrick Stewart's wedding ceremony in Massachusetts

Well it wouldn't happen in the comic books...

Sir Ian McKellen is to officiate at the wedding of fellow X-Men star, Sir Patrick Stewart.

72-year-old Stewart is set to marry his jazz singer fiancée Sunny Ozell, 35, in a ceremony in Massachusetts.

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McKellen.. to officiate at Patrick Stewart's wedding (Copyright: Rex)

Speaking to Jonathan Ross, McKellen said: “I'm going to marry Patrick [Stewart]. I am going to officiate at his wedding.

Quizzed on how he is qualified to take on such a role, McKellen elaborated.

“I don’t know,” he said. “But in Massachusetts, in the middle of America somewhere, you get a friend along, and I read out the words, and Sunny and Patrick will then be married.

“I’ve done it once before with two guys having a civil partnership. I was crying my eyes out.”

The happy couple... Stewart and fiancé Sunny Ozell (Credit: PA)

He added that the last time he oversaw a wedding, he wore 'a white gown which I bought in India. You mustn’t upstage the bride'.

McKellen and Stewart will next be seen on-screen together in the forthcoming 'X-Men: Days of Future Past', where they'll reprise their roles of Magneto and Professor X.

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