Is there a major twist coming in Toy Story 4?

On Friday, Annie Potts, voice of Little Bo Peep in the Toy Story franchise, appeared on Good Morning America to debut a sneak peek at the upcoming fourth film. After the clip aired, GMA cohost George Stephanopoulos tried to tease out some plot details: “When we last saw Bo Peep, she was trying to choose between Woody and Buzz. Caught in a little bit of a love triangle. Does she choose?”

Potts was cagey, saying, “I think she’s made a choice now. I can only reveal so much.” Chuckled Stephanopoulos, “That’s a good tease right there!”

Except for one thing: There’s never been a love triangle. Bo Peep appeared in the first two Toy Story films, and her romantic attentions were always focused on Woody. Indeed, Buzz has a love interest of his own: cowgirl Jessie. And Toy Story 3 left off with the two of them very much together. (Buzz and Bo Peep did share a kiss in the second film — but Bo was requesting he deliver it to Woody. “I don’t think it’ll mean the same thing coming from me,” Buzz quipped.)

So there’s a couple of possibilities here: Either Stephanopoulos has never seen a Toy Story movie before, or there’s a major retcon the upcoming film. The clip premiered on GMA was a flashback, showing the toys at former owner Andy’s house, so it’s possible that Toy Story 4 will feature some more previously unseen events that took place before the third installment. Were Bo Peep and Buzz hooking up behind Woody and Jessie’s backs the whole time? We demand answers, Pixar!