Makeup artist Kirin Bhatty shows us how to achieve a monochromatic makeup look

This full monochromatic makeup look is easy to achieve and perfect for your next event or night out.

Video transcript

KIRIN BHATTY: Hi, everyone. I'm Kirin Bhatty. Welcome to "In The Know Beauty School." Today, I'm doing monochromatic makeup.


For our monochrome look, I'm using the Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions palette, and the colors are gorgeous. To begin our monochromatic look, I'm just going to tap a little bit of this purply iridescent shade onto the lid with my fingertips. I'm also going to go into the center and add a little bit of this to the whole mix to create a beautiful, soft purple base before I start building the shadows.

Now that I have my base on with this iridescent-purple situation, I'm going to dip my brush into this aubergine moment we have here, and I'm going to really kind of push that into the lash line with a brush. You want to start from the outside and move in. And I'm just really building that color slowly and softly.

I'm feeling a shimmer moment, so I'm going to dip into these gorgeous cubes here. And I'm going to just start defining that crease. I'm swirling the product around with this loose, fluffy brush to bring out the wing in a really soft way. I've always been a makeup artist who loves sheer layers, and this is why I love this palette. Because it can go on sheer, but it's buildable, which is exactly what we're doing.

Next up is a drop shadow. A drop shadow is exactly what it sounds like. You're taking a little bit of shadow, and you're putting it right below the lower lash line. And what you're doing is you're kind of smoking that lash line out and creating a diffused but bold look. And I'm just working that drop shadow onto the lower lash line. I love a drop shadow. It's such an easy technique, and it really steps up a look.

And now I'm going to do a little product layering. I'm taking a different texture, which is the shimmer over the cream, and just building up that beautiful shadow with dimension. So I've combed in two light layers of mascara, and I'm just going to finish the look by taking a purple pencil and just filling in that waterline. And for the final touch, we're going to tip back into that palette, into the color we started with, and just tap it into the center of the lid and the inner corner to really bring all that look together.

And now it's time for the cheeks. This is my favorite purple cream blush. It's from Fenty. It's called Drama Class, [? viral ?] [? sensation. ?] We're starting at the apples. That diffuses up into the hairline. So now I'm taking my wet beauty blender, and I'm just really tapping it onto the Apple And also following into the hairline.

The final step in our monochrome look is tying in the lip. I love Damned by NARS. It's a gorgeous purply tone with fuchsia and jam mixed in it. It brings in the cream and the shimmer that we chose and really makes it special.


I'm Kirin Bhatty, and this has been another episode of "In The Know Beauty School." Thanks for tuning in.