Mamoudou Athie was starstruck on Jurassic World Dominion set

Mamoudou Athie has confessed to "freaking out" and feeling starstruck when he had the opportunity to work with the original Jurassic Park cast members in Jurassic World Dominion.

The 33-year-old star plays the communications head of a genetics company in Colin Trevorrow's film, which deals with the impact of dinosaurs being unleashed into the world at the end of 2018's Fallen Kingdom.

Athie told Yahoo that he was less nervous about working with animatronic beasts from the Cretaceous period than he was about sharing the screen with his acting heroes.

Jurassic World Dominion arrives in IMAX and cinemas across the UK on 10 June.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: Mamoudou, for you I guess, was it more intimidating to be around the dinosaurs or to be around people who presumably you'd watched for years?

MAMOUDOU ATHIE: No, the dinosaurs, you know, that takes care of itself [? all the same ?] or your imagination. Pick your poison. But working with these guys, I admired them for-- forever. And you know, honestly when you see a movie like Jurassic Park as a kid and then you end up as an adult working with the same actors in that movie as those characters, it's-- there are moments of, you know, just like the feeling of-- I don't typically get starstruck, but in those moments I was like, this is-- this is bizarre and I'm freaking out. [INAUDIBLE]

JEFF GOLDBLUM: You're so sweet, yeah. Although having said the comparison with, you know, us actors and the dinosaurs, I do sometimes bite. I do sometimes get--

MAMOUDOU ATHIE: Yeah, he does.

JEFF GOLDBLUM: --ferocious.

MAMOUDOU ATHIE: It's a little much.

JEFF GOLDBLUM: But at other times I'm sort of a wondorous, mysterious creature, and I like the leaves from the tall trees. I reach up to get that. So there are some similarities. Now really-- oh my god, what was I going to say?

MAMOUDOU ATHIE: I don't know.

JEFF GOLDBLUM: That's enough.

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