Man catches carer stealing from his elderly, sick mother

Staff writer

This is the moment a callous carer pocketed jewellery belonging to a grandmother with dementia - while she slept on the sofa a metre away.

Caroline Bastable, 42, was paid to look after Sheila Wade, 82, who suffered with breathing problems and vascular dementia, but her son John Wade, 59, noticed food and money was going missing from his mum's home in Barnsley.

He installed a network of cameras for nearly two weeks. and was horrified to uncover footage of heartless Bastable pocketing jewellery from the fireplace as Sheila slept on the couch in front of her.

Another clip shows Bastable, from Sheffield, pulling gift boxes of perfume and toiletries from Sheila's wardrobe in her bedroom, before a second clip shows her carrying them to her car.

A clip from the kitchen reveals Bastable raiding Sheila's kitchen cupboards and stuffing snacks, chocolates and boxes of biscuits into a bag.

'I started noticing money that I'd given mum for shopping was missing'

Police investigated and she pleaded guilty to wilful neglect and two counts of theft. She will be sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court on February 28.

Mr Wade said: "I started noticing money that I'd given mum for shopping was missing, and then food was going, and cigarettes.

"The real red flag was when I dropped off three pints of milk at her house before I went on holiday, and the neighbour contacted me two days later to say they'd disappeared.

"I installed home security cameras and watching the footage back, you could clearly see mum's carer pocketing cash, jewellery and perfume as mum slept on the couch.

"I felt so angry watching this woman raiding Mum's drawers and cupboards for gift sets of toiletries, stealing her Swarovski jewellery and Cartier watches.

"Thankfully, we have all of mum's designer handbags at our home, but Bastable still got away with about £8,000 worth of stuff."