Man confesses to the killing at the centre of Netflix show 'Making A Murderer'

Ben Arnold
Steven Avery (Credit: AP Photo/Morry Gash)

A man serving a prison term in Wisconsin has confessed to the crime at the centre of the controversial Netflix documentary series Making A Murderer.

Shawn Rech, the director of the forthcoming follow up series Convicting A Murderer, says that inmate Joseph W. Evans Jr came forward to speak to the filmmakers, wanting to further incriminate Steven Avery, the man convicted of killing Teresa Halbach in 2005, reports USA Today.

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However, Evans then confessed to the crime instead.

Avery wrongfully served 18 years in prison for the attempted murder and sexual assault of a woman in 1985, despite having an alibi.

He was then brought into the investigation of the murder of Halbach, which happened close to his salvage yard in Wisconsin, and was jailed in 2007, along with his nephew Brendan Dassey, despite claims from his legal team that evidence had been tampered with.

Brendan Dassey (Credit: Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent)

The documentary was later criticised for leaving out vital evidence that incriminated Avery, in order to bolster the argument of his supposed innocence.

But in this latest twist, now there's another name in the frame for Halbach's murder.

Rech told USA Today: “We set up a prison call to challenge (Dassey) and try and debunk his statements, and rather than support his statements, he abandoned them and confessed.”

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However, Rech has offered caveats to the confession from Evans, which has not yet been legally verified.

"On the 'no' side, [Evans is] a proven liar; he himself has proven he’s a liar,” Rech went on.

“He’s a convicted felon. On the 'possibly' side, he’s a convicted murderer in the state of Wisconsin, he was free at the time of (Halbach's) murder, so I don’t know.”

Rech says he began work on the follow up series 20 months ago, and has been in contact with Brendan Dassey for 18 months.

Many believed Dassey to be innocent, but is still serving a life sentence.

Convicting A Murderer is set to air next year.