Man dumbfounded by his parents’ ‘awful’ excuse for not paying his college tuition: ‘They lied to him for years’

A 23-year-old is furious with his parents for deceiving him about their finances.

He explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum. After getting into a top-tier school due to pressure from his parents to be an overachiever, they told him they couldn’t afford to pay for college. But when his sister got into a similar school, his parents happily paid the expensive tuition. Then, he figured out why.

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“All throughout high school, my parents prodded me to study hard, earn good grades and involve myself in extracurriculars,” he said. “I did as I was told and was accepted into one of HYPSM (Harvard Yale Princeton Stanford MIT]. I vividly remember crying out of sheer happiness when I logged into the portal and saw my acceptance letter.

“I thought that my parents would be just as excited as I was, but imagine my shock when they said, ‘We think you should attend (state school) instead because it’s a lot cheaper and just as good for your major (computer science) as HYPSM. We earn X per month, the mortgage is Y per month, so we have to support the family on Z per month. Where’s the money for you to attend HYPSM?'”

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He ended up settling for the state school and getting a job at a FAANG [Facebook Amazon Apple Netflix Google] company.

“My sister called in December to tell me that she was accepted early into one of HYPSM,” he wrote. “I congratulated her on getting in and asked her if our parents would force her to decline her offer as well due to the cost. She told me that dad told her to not worry about the cost. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t put two and two together before that moment. My dad has worked at a different FAANG since 2006. These companies give their employees A LOT of stock per year.

“My dad is able to pay for my sister’s tuition by selling off some of his shares. The next time my parents FaceTimed me, I asked them why they were unwilling to sell some of my dad’s shares when I was accepted into HYPSM. They visibly tensed up and muttered something about how their financial decisions were none of my business. I then told them that this was the last time I’d ever speak with them because they were liars who pulled a giant bait and switch on me.”

Redditors sided with the son on this one.

“They lied to him for years,” a user commented.

“Lying is lying, no matter how your situation compares to others. Pushing you, then pulling out the rug, is awful,” another wrote.

“It’s not just the lying. It’s the blatant difference in how they are treating their kids,” someone said.

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