Man goes viral after hotel's 'boardroom suite' ends up being very literal

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A stranded traveler in Chicago received a hotel voucher for a room and it turned into a viral Twitter moment.

Eoin Carrigan's flight out of Chicago got cancelled on January 11th and he was told by a receptionist that he would be put up in the "boardroom suite" at the nearby Comfort Inn O'Hare.

According to Carrigan's tweet, he initially thought "boardroom suite" sounded a little weird, that is until he walked in and saw how literally the hotel took the phrase.

Inside the room was a boardroom set up - a traditional conference table and eight chairs - and a bed off to the side.

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Carrigan told Insider in an interview that he posted the tweet because he thought it was hilarious. A lot of the replies revealed several travellers have encountered similar, bizarre hotel rooms.

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"No shower, but at least there was a twin sized roll out cot at the end of the 12 person boardroom table?" one person tweeted.

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The Comfort Inn O'Hare describes the room where Carrigan stayed as a "conference suite". It typically goes for £770 a night, and the listing online does not include a photo, says Insider.

Apparently, the bed can fold up into the wall - just in case you want to look professional at your meeting and don't have time to fold your sheets.