Man of Steel producer earned $85 million… but was banned from the set

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Henry Cavill in Man of Steel - Credit: Warner Bros.
Henry Cavill in Man of Steel – Credit: Warner Bros.

Jon Peters earned $85 million from ‘Man of Steel’.

And he did absolutely nothing.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the usually extremely private Hollywood producer opened up about his fortune… and revealed the staggering truth behind his producer role on ‘Man of Steel’.

“I have 7.5 percent of the gross,” he revealed. But that’s for both ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Superman Returns’. “Together they did [more than] a billion.”

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It was originally reported that Peters earned somewhere between $10 million and $15 million for his ‘work’ on ‘Man of Steel’ – a role which it turns out meant he had to stay as far away from the set as possible.

There were also rumblings that it was closer to $50 million.

But now it transpires that figure was even more colossal than anyone realised.

“He says he took home $80 million to $85 million combined for 2006’s Superman Returns and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel thanks to backend granted for his role in jumpstarting the franchise in the ’90s,” confirms THR.

Brandon Routh with producer, Jon Peters - Credit: WENN
Brandon Routh with producer, Jon Peters – Credit: WENN

Quite a cushy little job he’s got there.

But why wasn’t he on set? It seems that’s because the filmmakers are terrified of him.

“My reputation scares these guys,” he said, revealing that it was producer Christopher Nolan who banned him from the ‘Man of Steel’ set. “I am the Trump of Hollywood.”

Of course, Superman isn’t done just yet, with ‘Justice League’ as well as an eventual sequel to ‘man of Steel’ in the works. But has Jon Peters managed to wrangle an equally cushy deal?

“He says he could have pushed for that hefty 7.5 percent cut on every future movie that Superman appears in via Warner Bros.’ expanding DC Universe, but he accepted a much smaller cut to gain support for his other projects.”

Still, $85 million isn’t a bad sum for doing nothing at all.

But could ‘Man of Steel’ have used his input? That’s another question entirely…

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