Man Of Steel Sequel Is Now In ‘Active Development’

Warner Bros. and DC may be struggling to secure positive reviews for their movies (notably recent release ‘Suicide Squad’), but it hasn’t deterred them from starting work on a ‘Man of Steel’ sequel.


According to The Wrap, Warner have pushed the film into ‘active development’, which was said to have been revealed by ‘a person familiar with the project’.

2013 saw Henry Cavill don the red and blue suit for the first time but any news on a follow-up has been pretty quiet until now. Instead, the focus was on ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, which was a long and gruelling process alongside new Batman Ben Affleck.

Despite Warner announcing a busy slate of DC movies - including ‘The Flash, ‘Wonder Woman’, and ‘Aquaman’ - there was no mention of a ‘Man of Steel’ sequel. The lineup also includes ‘Justice League’, which hopes to rival Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ movies, but there’s also two currently untitled films set for the tail-end of 2018 and 2019, respectively. Could one of these be a suitable slot for a return for Superman?


But the next Superman instalment is something of an inevitability. After all, he’s one of the main members of the Justice League, despite Superman and Clark Kent’s demise in ‘Dawn of Justice’. So it’ll surely be a matter of time before we hear about ‘Man of Steel 2′.

‘Man of Steel’ got off to a roaring opening at the box office in its first week, but eventually settled at $668 million. Similarly, ‘Dawn of Justice’ exploded onto the scene only for it to drop off in its second week to record levels, finishing just above ‘Man of Steel’ on $872 million.

We’ll next see Cavill reprise the character in 2017′s ‘Justice League’ which is well underway, as we saw the first footage released at this year’s Comic-Con.

‘Justice League’ is in UK cinemas from 17 November, 2017.

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Picture credit: Warner Bros.