Man proposes to his wife in front of his hero Captain America

Ben Arnold
Chris Evans as Captain America (Credit: Marvel/Disney)
Chris Evans as Captain America (Credit: Marvel/Disney)

Chris Evans is now officially in the ‘witnessing surprise marriage proposals’ business.

He had no idea that Marvel superfan Travis Goodrich was about to pop the question to his girlfriend Drema Harmon, but nonetheless, he became part of the momentous occasion.

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Goodrich, who is possibly Captain America's biggest fan, got down on one knee at the ACE Comic Con event in Seattle.

The pair were dressed as Cap and Peggy Carter for the fan show, and Goodrich arranged a meet-and-greet with Evans to make the moment special.

“I've been thinking for months about proposing, but I wasn't sure how I was going to do it until a couple of weeks ago. Our relationship is based in adventure and trying new things, and this being our first Comic Con and first time to Seattle, the timing seemed perfect,” he told Buzzfeed.

“I just wanted to create a memorable and fun moment for the both of us, and the fact that we were cosplaying as Captain America and Peggy Carter just made everything perfect. I contacted ACE Comic Con and they did everything they could to help out.

“I scheduled an autograph with Chris Evans to inform him of my plan, but it was moved till after the photo op. I then went to the photographer shooting the pics and she offered to help out. I just had an idea in my head so I winged it from there no matter what plans fell through.”

He added: “I'm a fan of the entire MCU. Since Iron Man came out in 2008, I really connected better with Chris Evan's role as Captain America. I see a lot of myself in him regarding his sense of integrity and willingness to help others no matter the situation.”

Drema was also pretty thrilled by the proposal.

“I was so confused at first wondering why Travis was on the floor while we were taking photos. I'm pretty sure Chris figured out what was happening before it even crossed my mind,” she said.

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“I was confused, shocked, and so full of excitement and happiness that I couldn't breathe, hence why I was holding my chest.”

Travis even bought a compass, like the one Cap has with a picture of Peggy in it, in which to hide the ring.

The proposal has, of course, gone viral. And mostly for the right reasons too! Congrats!