Man receives anonymous texts that appear to show his fiancée cheating on him: ‘We’ve literally just bought a house'

A man received photos from a mysterious source that appear to show his fiancée cheating on him. Now he’s unsure about how to bring it up with her.

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The man took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to share his story and ask Redditors what he should do. He wondered whether the photos actually depict his fiancée and how to address it.

He began his story by explaining that he recently proposed to his fiancée after dating for three-and-a-half years.

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“The day after we came back from our 2-week vacation, I received these images from a random account with no name,” the man recalled.

The photos came with a short message saying that now that the man is engaged, he should “know what she’s been up to.”

The man explains that the photos show a nude woman who looks very similar to his fiancée. But because most of the shots show only the back of her, it’s difficult to be sure it actually is her.

“The photo from behind shows her body type and her hairstyle before she dyed it for our holiday,” the man explained. “She’s not similar to other girls so, straight away, I was like, ‘It must be her,’ as her body type is very rare.”

In addition to the photos, the man also received a short video of his alleged fiancée. While the video is “bad quality,” according to the man, “[h]er face seems to be very similar to her and it’s quite hard to not think about this.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first experience the man has had with a cheating partner. “Long story short, every single girlfriend I’ve had has cheated on me so I’m almost numb to this,” he wrote. “The annoying thing is that we’ve literally just bought a house and got engaged.”

“Tell her what happened”

“How can I approach her with this?” the man asked Reddit.

Some Redditors provided advice on how to tactfully have a conversation with the fiancée. Others shared strategies for digging up more information.

“Sit her down, tell her what happened and show her the evidence. How she reacts will be telling,” one Redditor wrote.

“I would ask her, calmly, if it is her and show her the messages. Don’t be accusatory right off the bat because this might be something she is embarrassed about, [or it could be] someone who filmed her without her knowing from years ago before you two met,” another Redditor noted.

“I would say do your due diligence before confronting her. See where she goes, who she meets, get a PI if necessary,” another Redditor advised.

Hopefully, the man will be able to solve the mystery and get some closure.

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