Man sentenced to death for killing mother, frying & eating her organs

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An alcoholic daily labourer was sentenced to death by a local court in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, for killing his mother and frying her organs before eating them. Because of its diabolic nature, the judge ruled his offence was among the rarest of rare cases.

According to an India Today report, Additional Sessions Judge of Kolhapur Mahesh Krishnaji Jadhav sentenced Sunil Rama Kuchkoravi to be hanged by the neck until his death for the offence of murder, subject to confirmation by the Bombay High Court.

<em>Image fo representational purposes only. Getty Images.</em>
Image fo representational purposes only. Getty Images.

The judge stated that the incident had shook society’s “collective conscience.” Not only was there a murder, but it was also connected with “severe brutality and shamelessness." The judge further noted that there was no repentance or remorse in the accused’s behaviour following the act.

According to a Vice report, the forensic report on the Kuchkoravi incident said there were two injuries on the victim’s private parts. The court stated that the act of undressing his own mother and inflicting fatal injuries on her without “any pain or showing mercy” is “an ultimate insult to motherhood” and “against society at large.”

“The pain which she (the mother) had experienced cannot be explained in words. He has committed the offence in order to satisfy his lust for liquor. He forcibly eliminated the life of his helpless mother, which is the ultimate insult of motherhood,” the court said.

Sunil Rama Kuchkoravi had murdered his mother in August 2017.

A child in his neighbourhood spotted him standing over his mother’s dead body, covered in blood stains. People in the area called the cops after hearing the child’s screams.

When police inspector Bhausaheb Malgunde arrived at the scene for a preliminary examination, he discovered the body in a pool of blood with parts eviscerated outside. Malgunde noticed the mother’s heart on a platter, as well as a few other eviscerated organs on an oil tin.

Kuchkoravi was an alcoholic, according to the prosecution. His wife had left him because he used to beat her up. He shared a home with his mother, who also provided him with food. But he was always at odds with her, demanding her pension to feed his alcoholism.

The judge pointed out that because there were no eyewitnesses to the crime, the prosecution’s case was built on speculation.

Prior to the event, Kuchkoravi was also seen arguing. Weapons involved in the crime were also recovered at the location where only Kuchkoravi was present. Kuchkoravi’s garments had blood marks that matched his mother’s.

The Court concluded that “if the balance sheet is drawn of mitigating and aggravating factors and maximum weightage is given to the only mitigating factors even then the aggravating factors far outweigh the balance”. 

The Judge said Kuchkoravi had committed cold-blooded murder and awarded the death sentence to him.

(Inputs from India Today and News18)

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