Man Of Steel 2/Batman vs Superman: The rumoured extra personnel

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Man Of Steel 2/Batman vs Superman: The rumoured extra personnel

Superman villain Lex Luthor

With all the talk of Ben Affleck taking on the role of the Batman in DC's next mammoth film 'Man Of Steel 2' aka 'Batman Vs Superman' now shifting to Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman, the floodgates have opened for further potential characters. After all, with three of the Justice League now 100% confirmed to be appearing, why wouldn't Warner Bros go the whole hog and throw in some more heroes and villains? In fact, ever since the pairing of Batman and Superman was solidified, we have seen an influx of rumours doing the rounds and speculating as to what we can expect from the film looking to take a bite back at Marvel's continuing success.

Here are just a few of the rumours already thrown into the mix.

Lex Luthor - As Superman's most notable foe, Lex Luthor had already been hinted at throughout 'Man Of Steel', with Zack Snyder dropping in easter eggs in the form of Luthercorp automobiles and a building bearing the name. Since then the internet has been abuzz with calls for 'Breaking Bad''s own Bryan Cranston to be cast with immediate effect, which has seemingly died a death. Other names thrown into the mix for the role are Terry O'Quinn, Jackie Earle Haley and even Denzel Washington - could we see Lex appear?

Jason Momoa - Most recognisable as the hulking Khal Drogo in 'Game Of Thrones' and this era's answer to Conan The Barbarian, Jason Momoa is one of the latest who is believed to be in talks over a role in the film. After being shunned for a role in Marvel's own 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' the monstrous Australian could be moving over to the enemy side in a role believed to be either the mighty Doomsday or Martian Manhunter. Whichever side he's on, this is one acquisition that I'd personally love to see.

Nightwing - As we already know that Batman will appear in the movie as an established and battle-scarred hero, it makes sense that any incarnation of a sidekick would also follow suit. Hence the rumours of Nightwing appearing, in favour of the first heroic alter-ego of Dick Grayson, Robin. 'Girls' actor Adam Driver had been rumoured, only for him to deny the claims, but with Warner trademarking the Nightwing name it would suggest this is one character who could well throw his hat into the ring.

Flash - As with any mention of the Justice League, the Flash's name instantly pops up, and he is believed to be the next to join Wonder Woman as one of the sub-characters to appear in the movie. It seems the logical step, especially if Warner are determined to get a group film up and running sooner than many expected. The question is, who could play him? With Grant Gustin's television version of the hero ruled out, Callan Mulvey is a name that has been mentioned.

With rumours part-and-parcel of the movie world, I'm sure we will hear many more in the near future regarding 'Batman Vs Superman'. The majority of them will be totally untrue, but it's always fun to imagine some of our favourite stars in DC's most coveted roles.

Who would you like to see added to the DC sequel?

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