Man of Steel breaks box office records

Ryan Leston
13 June 2013
Man of Steel breaks box office records
Man of Steel smashes box office records... and it's barely even been released.

Although 'Man of Steel' is yet to officially open in most of the world, it seems it's already breaking box office records… at least, in the Philippines.

After the New York premiere last night, it seems that Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' is already doing better than expected… topping the charts in the Philippines within hours of its release. While Superman's latest adventure is yet to open in the USA (or indeed, the UK) it looks as though 'Man of Steel' is set to break records across the globe. And at this rate, it might even become the highest grossing movie of all time.

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According to Deadline, the highly-anticipated 'Man of Steel' is projected to earn around $80 million in its 3-day opening weekend… although early figures suggest that Warner Bros. might be a tad conservative with their estimates. In fact, it has already pulled in an earth-shattering $1.6 million in the Philippines, smashing previous box office records for the fastest selling opening day in Filipino history.

'Man of Steel' opens in North America from midnight tonight and will be shown in a staggering 4207 locations across the country with a combination of 2D and 3D screenings. Obviously, the increase in 3D ticket prices is expected to bolster the movie's opening weekend takings… but in my opinion, it hardly needs it. And it looks as though Warner Bros. are onto a winner already. According to Deadline, advance ticket sales are strong and while the film has received some negative reviews from critics, the general tone of the fans remains incredibly positive.

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Opening to around 21,000 screens worldwide, it looks as though 'Man of Steel' could be Warner Bros. highest grossing movie to date. But what does this mean for Zack Snyder and his crew? With reports that any sequels or spin-offs would ride on the project's commercial success, I'd say things are looking good for the last Man of Krypton.

Are you looking forward to 'Man of Steel'? Do you think it will continue to break box office records internationally?

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