Man Of Steel: Yet another Batman Easter Egg is found

Gregory Wakeman
Man Of Steel: Yet another Batman Easter Egg is found
Another easter egg is found in 'Man Of Steel'

Yet another Easter Egg has been found in last month's Superman reboot, 'Man Of Steel,' that hints at DC's future cinematic universe.

After the film's initial release moviegoers scrambled to assemble their eagle-eyed lists that unveiled what hidden beauties they'd found in Zack Snyder's origin story, with nods to Lex Luthor, LexCorp, Bruce Wayne, Wayne Enterprises and Supergirl all picked up on.

But now the most blatant reference to Clark Kent's 'Justice League' companion, otherwise known as Master Wayne, has been spotted.

Snyder confirmed to Empire, ""When Zod's tearing the building apart with his heat vision, there's a Be Calm And Call Batman sign on the wall there, just really small. You might even have to stop the movie to see it but it's definitely in there."

The director added, "That's a Double Negative Productions [Easter Egg]. D Neg is the visual effects company here in London that worked on all the 'Dark Knight' movies, and they definitely did that. And [when I saw it], I was like, 'That's awesome.'"

Double Negative, as Snyder mentioned, is the visual effects company that worked on all three movies from Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' saga, so not only is it sensational to find another overlap between that trilogy and 'Man Of Steel' but it's also pretty awesome that they both added a Batman reference, and that Snyder allowed it to stay in the final edit.

Once again, this shows that DC and Warner Bros. are creating a cinematic universe where both Batman and Superman co-exist.

Whether they'll ultimately come together in a 'Batman/Superman' hybrid picture or a 'Justice League' behemoth remains to be seen.

Let's hope we get an update later this month at Comic-Con.

Do you think Batman and Superman will ever share the big screen together?