Man stirs controversy with reason for ‘refusing’ to take photos with his girlfriend: ‘I hope she dumps you’

Emerald Pellot
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A man is being roasted online for refusing to be photographed with his girlfriend when she’s wearing high heeled shoes.

The boyfriend went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” (AITA) forum to explain a recent argument he and his girlfriend had. He is half an inch taller than his girlfriend and when his work friends saw a photo of them together, they made fun of his height. The Reddit poster thought the solution to the issue was to avoid being photographed with his girlfriend altogether. She disagreed.

“My parents were having a dinner for my dad’s 64th birthday and me and my girlfriend were invited,” he wrote. “I had called her and talked to her before trying to subtly insinuate that the people who were going to be there would be the type to clown us for any height difference. She had work right before so we didn’t drive to my parents’ house together. When she walks in, I realize that she was wearing heels. I pull her aside after she finishes her pleasantries with everybody and said I thought I made it clear that I’m done being picked on for our height difference when she’s wearing heels and she’s pretty much towering over me.”

The girlfriend became upset and explained she didn’t have other shoes. No one commented on the height difference but the Reddit poster was upset nonetheless.

“A while later my dad called me over to take a picture with just him, me, my mom, and my sister,” the Reddit poster said. “Afterward, my sister said we needed to take one with our partners in it too. My girlfriend moves closer to me and I quickly shake my head and said, ‘maybe another time.’ My girlfriend’s face drops. My sister pleads with me to be a good sport and I tell her firmly that I said I didn’t want to and to respect my wishes. […] AITA for refusing to take pictures with my girlfriend?”

Reddit users thought the boyfriend was being insecure.

“I hope she dumps you for being small in spirit,” one person said.

“Seek help for your insecurities,” another wrote.

“His behavior here is unacceptable,” someone commented.

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